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Love your Feet and they will Love you Back!

The vast majority of us are blessed with a pair of feet, however possibly because they are the farthest part of us from our brain, they tend to be the most neglected parts of our body. However they are one of the most important and its easy to take them for granted until a foot problem comes along to remind us of how useful they are.  

The aging process inevitably take its toll, on your feet and this leads to the skin drying out quicket r and the toe nails becoming more brittle.

However its never too late to start paying them back for all their years of tireless use:

A daily application of a moisturising lotion will help to keep them feeling soft and supple, while an occasional foot soak will also work wonders. Also at the end of a hard day on your feet there is nothing quite as nice as a foot rub with a cooling perreormint & teatree foot gel.

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